Micropropagation / Tissue Culture

Department of National Botanic Gardens was the first institution to establish a Micro propagation laboratory in Sri Lanka.

Research and routine plant tissue culture production on floricultural plants are undertaken at this laboratory.
A monthly training program on tissue culture with theory and practical demonstration is conducted for a duration of 05 days for individuals interested in initiating a tissue culture facility of their own.
Demonstrations on tissue culture for school children.
Conduct undergraduate and postgraduate research projects


Following are the major activities of this laboratory.

  • Exacum spp.
  • Memoecylon ceylanicum
  • Cryptocoryne spp.
  • Acrotrema spp.
  • Impatience spp.
  • Didymocarpus humboldtianus
  • Osbekia spp.
  • Anoectochiles setaceus
  • Keudrickia walkeri

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(+94) 081 238 8238