Plant Breeding

Producing new plants and flowers as well as introducing them to growers is the objective of breeding programs conducted at this unit. Breeding programs on orchids commenced in the 1950’s while breeding of new Anthurium verities started during the 1970’s.

Over 2000 new Orchid Hybrids have been produced from the inspection of the Orchid breeding program. Hybridization of wild plants included self pollination of Exacum trinervium; seedlings are at present being grown and are blooming. A cross between Chirita mooni and C. zeylanica resulted in a compact pot plant with neumarous flowers. Twenty new African violets (Saintpaulia ionantha) varieties were produced using mutagen treatments. A large number (15) of Anthurium cut flower and potted plant varieties have also been produced for commercial release.

Some of our new hybrids

A dipping solution of 8% Clorox was best to increase vase life of Gerbera cut-flower varieties ‘Dana Allen’ and ‘Quote’.

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