Wet Zone Botanical Garden Avissawella

The latest addition to the 5 botanical gardens in Sri Lanka, the Seethawaka Wet Zone Botanical Garden in Avissawella was opened to the public towards the latter part of the year 2014.

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Placement of the garden

Seethawaka Wet zone Botanic Gardens is the 5th Botanic Garden of the Department of National Botanic Gardens and the first botanic garden established solely for the conservation of wet zone flora in Sri Lanka. Development of the garden was initiated in 2008 and opened to the general public in 2015. It is situated on the Puwakpitiya-Thummodara road, at Illukowita, adjacent to the IndikadaMukalana Forest Reserve at Avissawella which is a suburban area of the Colombo district.

Currently its extent is 42ha (106 Acres) including 7 acres of tea plantation as a part of the botanic garden. The elevation of the garden is about 100 m above mean sea level. Ex-situ conservation of wet-zone flora, floristic and floricultural research and training programmes, botanical studies & surveys are the main functions undertaken by the SWBG. It provides a wide range of floriculture related extension programs too, flower growers as well as facilitating education and research opportunities for researchers, school and university students. The garden is also a popular location for photo shoots, music videos and tele-dramas.

This garden consists of a rose garden, fernery, view point, flower decked lake, series of ponds, a medicinal garden, a spice garden, an orchard, a butterfly garden, a Japanese garden and a pebble garden. All paths are paved for a comfortable walk around the garden. Information maps and boards are also available to follow the route to cover all attractions. Most trees carry name boards and detail boards to educate the public. Furthermore, a rich diversity of fauna can also be seen in this garden such as birds, butterflies, dragon flies, fishes etc.

Location MAP

How to see the garden

A map showing the most important places is enclosed in this folder.


What you can see

visitors are advised to walk round the gardens if they wish to explore the many beautiful places in this very compact garden.


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Rose Garden
Situated at the summit of the garden and consists of beautiful rose beds with different types and varieties of roses.
View Point
The Scenic view point is situated at the middle of the garden. It can be found on the way to the summit. Visitors can relax for some time here while enjoying the breathtaking beauty of the garden as well as the view beyond of mountains surrounding this view point.
Kubuk Lawn
The most popular scenic and iconic venue of SWBG is the large lawn area with Kumbuk (Terminalia arjuna) trees. This area is intersected with cascading water streams and lakes and has a cooler shaded atmosphere. This area is most popular among photographers.
The fernery consists of more than 30 species of ferns and fern allies including shrub ferns, tree ferns, climbers etc. It is an eye caching attraction with beautiful landscaping features such as fern beds arch- shape bridges and water spills.
Japanese Garden
The Japanese Garden is a quiet and peaceful place with natural stones, pebbles and white sand. Visitors can see flower beds with dwarf and light color flower species as well as evergreen trees & shrubs which are pruned in different shapes and sizes.
Facilities and Services
There are four golf cars operational in the garden. And visitors can use the cafeteria to purchase food & beverages. Visitors can also buy plants (flowering plants, ornamental plants, arboretum plants, medicinal plants etc.), publications and souvenirs from the sales outlet close by. The garden also has a vehicle park that can accommodate approximately more than 100 vehicles. Visitors are allowed to hire rides of swan paddle boats in the main lake. This is also an attractive and popular location for wedding shoots, pre shoots and commercial photo shoots & videography.
7.30 AM - 6.00 PM

Opening Hours

7.30 AM - 5.00 PM

Ticketing Hours

365 Days


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