Micro Propagation

Department of National Botanic Gardens was the first institution to establish a Micro propagation laboratory in Sri Lanka.


Routing research programs related to cultivation practices, watering, spacing and fertilizer application are conducted for
cutflowers, foliage plants, flowering ornamentals etc.

The Foliage Section

The foliage Section of the Department of National Botanic Gardens has a vast collection of foliage plants from the different climatic zones of Sri Lanka.

Post-Harvest Handling

Post harvest handling of all floriculture products plays a vital role in maintenance of quality of products and their shelf life.

The Orchid Section

The orchid section was originally established in 1950’s to maintain a collection of orchids and to produce novel hybrids.

Plant Breeding

Producing new plants and flowers as well as introducing them to growers is the objective of breeding programs conducted at this unit.